Preface: This is my first writing for my English class. When first i got here i still spoke English like an alien, so i decided to have an English teacher coming to my house twice a week. When we first had a conversation, she considered me as an intermediate-advanced student, thank God…and she found out that i had a lot of interests in writing and literacy. Yup, finally i admitted to her that i’m now preparing my first book which will most likely be tittled ‘Modern World Ancient Wisdom’. So she added more portions in descriptive writing and literacy. How lucky i am! So enjoy my first writing in English, and please don’t laugh.

Everytime i look out my window i see the Iron Horse Trail. At first, i thought it was just a manificently planned jogging and biking track constructed for East Bay Area residents. How come there is a jogging track connecting so many cities and counties? But that didn’t bother me so much. I just have this longing for a walk, run, or ride joining other people who passing by. About the people, oh you don’t have any idea how various the people are on the trail. It was always changing from sunrise to sunset, from noon to nighttime. Well i think i started to turn it into a hobby, people watching. It’s not for a bad intention though, as for making a comment about their body shape, the outfits, what they’re wearing, or what they are NOT wearing lol. It’s more like, i was in a meditative state watching and observing each person i see. And i love that. Seeing people outside your window can be very contemplative. A woman panting in sweat, a chatty group of students walking home from school, a young mother pushing her baby in a stroller, a man walking in a rush to his office, that scene is so wonderful. People are always going somewhere, representing the circle of life. Suddenly, i feel happiness bursting inside me. I’m full of contentment.

But, this doesn’t end here. Apparently there is something that will even amaze me more. I researched the Wiki.

A long time ago, the Iron Horse Trail used to be tha rail road right-of-way abandoned in 1947 because of World War II. It answers why this trail reaches over 40 miles in total length, wow. There are more other cool facts you can find in Wikipedia. There’s even a picture of a converted railroad bridge accross Walnut Creek city, a strong rigid bridge as you see in Thomas and friends (my kids see a lot of that….), only minus the train and railroad. And again, wow. How thoughtful it was, that the govenrnment decided to convert it into a ‘sport right-of-way’. It is a very useful trail for non motorized vehicle riders. This trail gives the best shortcut to everywhere, many important facilities such as schools, offices, apartments, residencies, parks, etc, It’s a gym on a trail with unlimited life time membership. It’s a time saver for a student running late for school. It’s a path of awareness for a meditator doing a walking meditation, admiring the clouds, saying morning greeting to universe. It’s a free therapist, just go for a walk, release some stress and tensions. And especially for me, it’s a previlage just to be able to takr a gaze or glance outside my window in my second story room while i’m sweeping or mopping, or making a bed. I wonder when can i join them drowning in sweat, walking, jogging, biking, running, for the sake of longevity?

Hmm…i think it’s time to get a new pair of shoes.

Sport Chalet anyone?


Pics are courtesy of and wikipedia.


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