All I Know About Natural Pain Relief

  1. The use of birthing tub to labour in
  2. The use of  shower
  3. Massage—> butterfly massage
  4. Keeping the body active and moving around
  5. Rescue remedy (Flower bach product, available at Sing)
  6. Scented oil remedy to be massaged on your skin
  7. Music/prayer chants/ Quran reading to calm your mind and help you focused
  8. Sitting on a birthing ball and rocking your body
  9. Hanging from a bar, rope, or tree (not including says AUUOOOO i
  10. Yoga
  11. Breathing and deep relaxation techniques
  12. Visualization, creating an analogy that represents your body/vageigei (i used the blooming rose one)
  13. Accupressure, counter pressure on lower back
  14. Guidance from a doula with breathing and vocal sounds—-> aaaa
  15. Verbal feedback, positive reassurance throughout the labour

(source : naaah…lupa nih, cuma nemu coretan di buku birth plan scrap book satu setengah tahun yang lalu. PR deh…saya cari dulu ya)


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