ABC of Mine (Inspired by Holisticmum)

Antonio Carlos Jobim…the one i wanna hear in early morning

the youth of him
The Old him

Babywearing most of the time everywhere i go, one thing i really enjoy in motherhood

Cloth diapering as much as i could, the stylish way to be a lil bit eco friendly

Definitely support breastfeeding and early learning program

Eat Pray Love is currenly the only novel that really represents me

Flashcarding mother

Green tea, always be the flavour i choose for gelato ice cream and frappuccino

Herbal tea lover, i’ve tried chamomile, detox ayurvedic, brasilian orange, and mint, they do work pampering your mind and enhance quality of sleep. Tea Gallery La Piazza is my favourite place to shop some bags of unusual tea

I wanna be a doula someday, helping other women to get the best experience in comfortable birthing

Jazz is always be my life time music

Kinda Dr. Sears loyal follower

Love to eat, read, and watch movies

Maulana Zuni Ibrahim, is my sweet healthy lil son, i’m proud to be the one who brought him into this world safely

Nitnut…my nickname, just call me that…and i give you license as my BFF

O Magazine is my favourite, full of inspirational articles, make me smart yet wise

Pillars of The Earth, still haven’t finished that one yet

Quotes by wise people…i love to keep in mind

Romantic person…sometimes that thing leads me into silliness

Sergio Mendes…my oh my…another Bossa Nova musician i really adore

Three is the number of kids i desire to have (although my husband asks for five…nope! lol)

Undeniably shopaholic for baby equipment and women stuff, eventhough i know how ‘tight budget’ we are. SALE is my immortal enemy. Sometimes i really wanna get back to work so i can spend money without facing my husband’s reaction

Vanilla perfume oil by Bodyshop is my scent, never leave home without it

Weight struggle, up and down since my early stage of puberty, the classic issue of me, often ended up on craziness and tears

Xylophone, the first music instrument my baby can play

Yummy food i wanna cook someday if i’m not too busy chasing my kid : Home made pizza

Zuniawan, finally…the most comfortable place and safe home i always have. What a sweet closing

I would be pleased if you’re attempted to make your own ABC, it’s quite fun, easy, and stress relieving!


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